Experience: Deployment of TechnikBox at AP Servis

Experience: Deployment of TechnikBox at AP Servis

AP Servis, s. r. o., a Prague repair service company, has become the first company using TechnikBox to fully manage its orders. They have been using it since January 2019. How was it deployed? Read the full article.

A few words about AP Servis

It specialises in Whirlpool home and semi-professional appliance repairs and it is one of the smaller repair service companies. Currently, it employs about 20 people, including 10 technicians and specialists always in a specific goods segment – from refrigerators to washing machines.

Why did AP Servis decide to implement the TechnikBox service application?

Until the end of last year, they had used a service application designed by the manufacturer in the company. However, it was not sufficient for the company's requirements for the comprehensive order management. Missing services specifically included:

Advanced Controlling

Segmented reporting by individual channels (warranty repairs, post-warranty repairs, retail)

Plus other tweaks that make everyday service easier.

We want to be more comfortable on the job and have less paperwork

That was the wish of the technicians at AP Servis. Simplifying the day-to-day work and making it easier to register orders promises a more high-quality and more efficient service both from the customer's point of view and from the entire company's.

How long did it take to deploy TechnikBox?

All in all, about 5 months. In September, we met for the first time. In October, we agreed to the details of cooperation. The preparation took about a month. Then it was gradually deployed, and the details were fine-tuned. Now we are just about to gradually add new functions based on the day-to-day use.

The main tasks were:

  • To ensure the transition of order management from offline to online
  • To offer an overview in real-time and from any device (mobile, tablet, PC…) to everyone in the team
  • To eliminate unnecessary paperwork of technicians, especially the lengthy completion of assembly sheets
  • To establish a connection with maps using GPS coordinates in order to facilitate navigation to customer addresses and travel compensation calculations.

Tasks for the next phases of the project:

  • To set up effective reporting of parts sales for warranty, post-warranty repairs and retail sales.
  • To prepare further advanced controlling of the remaining agenda.
  • For the team of technicians – automatic calculation of travel expenses and real-time overview of wages of individual technicians.
  • For inventory management – so-called "machine learning analytics" (predictive inventory purchases).
  • To create space for online communication – "corporate intranet".
  • To "de-paper" the agenda of assembly and other sheets and start preparation for EET cash payments.
  • To integrate the service into the existing systems – Pohoda E.1, the manufacturer's supply system, etc.
  • To enable the transition to cashless payments and their identification within servicing.

How did we manage to meet the assignment? View of an AP Servis representative

“TechnikBox has solved the long, uncomfortable situation from the perspective of both technicians and dispatchers. KPIs (specific goals and sub-goals) are now being fulfilled faster, which also satisfies the suppliers , ”says Jan Míčka, co-owner of AP Servis.

The dispatchers and technicians can now check the availability of parts and the nearest possible repair date from anywhere online.

Main benefits for the organisation

Streamlining order management and making it more efficient

All team members have an overview of the service cases and the ability to use the customer database, including the opportunity to see the history of orders. Important information is sent to everyone's email so the customer has a perfect overview of the progress of the servicing.

Automation of travel allowance calculation

Entering the GPS coordinates of servicing facilitates the calculation of real travel allowances. Travel costs decreased by 12%.

Smart storage

The so-called machine learning analytics makes it possible to optimise stocking up of the most used parts for warranty and post-warranty repairs. There are no unnecessary stocks, i.e. the so-called "shelf warmers".

"Machine Learning" allows you to evaluate and segment the real need for stock inventory for warranty, post-warranty repairs and retail sales, thereby to predict inventory purchases.

The main benefits for the team of technicians

TechnikBox optimises the speed of handling orders. Customers don’t wait so long for a repair date anymore. A single technician manages to handle more orders – on average 15 to 16 orders a month.

The application further evaluates the efficiency of the technicians and motivates them to provide the best service. Every technician in the system can see all the time how much money he has already earned and what material he has used/ordered. The team has a perfect overview of the schedule and deadlines for individual orders.

Map data

When entering the GPS coordinates, a route that takes into account the current traffic situation is displayed on the technician’s mobile or tablet and navigates him to the place based on this. Thus, he can better plan the work and get to the orders faster. Thanks to the street view, he won’t ring the neighbour’s doorbell any longer.

If the repair is delayed, the whole team knows about it thanks to the GPS. The dispatching centre can notify the waiting customers of a delay or send another specialist there.

Paperless administration

Technicians no longer waste time by filling out lengthy paper assembly sheets full of outdated boxes + their copies. Customers receive all information about the order, including the tax document, electronically. The system is ready for EET cash payments.

Cashless payments

More and more customers prefer card payments or mobile payments. TechnikBox allows acceptance of cashless payments and facilitates their registration.

Summary: The benefits of the TechnikBox for customers, technicians and the entire company

Thanks to TechnikBox, AP Servis can offer more quality customer services; technicians have easier work without unnecessary paperwork and the company saves on shelf warmers and travel allowances.

TIP: Thinking of deploying a new order management system?

Do not think of the programs you use separately. On the contrary, think about covering all systems in one. Including control panel connection.

If you are thinking of TechnikBox, tell us which economic or CRM system you use. It is easier to design their interconnections and possible tweaks to automate and facilitate your daily work.

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